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So you eat healthy, right?

Food is such a hard topic to discuss. It really is and I get it.

We are used to our comfort foods and so many of us try to eat healthy. Yet when we look in the mirror we quietly admit that we don't feel our best anymore. But we eat very healthy, right?

I hear this from so many people, even from those who struggle with colitis, diverticulosis or any inflammatory bowel disease or auto-immune problems.

I'm sure many people are trying to be health conscious, following diets and guidelines, or just eating to manage calories in-calories out, but they may be missing the bigger picture.

If someone has intestinal or other chronic health issues, well, they are probably not eating the healthiest for themselves.

That's how my journey started, too...

I once had all kinds of symptoms (from skin to digestive problems) and even though I tried SO HARD to be healthy, something was still missing.

I thought it was me, that I was imagining my issues, but the body's signs don't lie - and so I dug deeper to understand the issues that were plaguing my health.

I have this one body and this one chance at health - and I refuse to accept "issues".

I also didn't want my problems to snowball into something bigger...

I'm glad I was stubborn.

I'm glad I asked "why" and

I'm glad I look for the answers.

I'm glad I connected the dots.

That's what's driving me today. To give it forward, to help people HEAL.

Not just the mission to get people eat healthier, but to help them to be conscious and to listen to their body's response to the food they eat.

You may think you are eating healthy - but does your body agree?

Understand how you work and read the signs, connect the dots. Do you still struggle with arthritis, psoriasis, leg cramps or perhaps you unexplainably grind your teeth at night?

You may have to adjust your healthy to healthier.

Do an honest check of what you eat and drink, how much you sleep you get, is your workout is right for you? Look back on what you have been through; medications, stress, changes, allergies, pets and even food poisoning. It all counts.

Your body does not lie.

It has the potential to be a perfect, finely-tuned system.

Take care of it.

Don't know where to start?

Let me be your guide. I have been through my own auto-immune and digestive issues and come out the other side with the realization of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. I live consciously according to my experiences and I bring that to my health-coaching. I can not only relate to what you must be going through, but I can help you find your healing path and be your best possible self.


Wishing you the best of health,

Viktoria Higgins

Holistic Health and Nutritional Coach


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