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So many people know that their state of health is not optimal nor do they feel great in their skin,

yet they accept their health condition as the new norm.

Vilma, a lovely lady from El Salvador, had accepted many things in her life - losing her hearing at the age of 5 after a fall; losing her home country and friends at the age of 14 when her parents put her on a plane to the USA without any explanation, or dealing with her daughter, Stephanie’s, absence given her jobs abroad.

Perhaps it was the feeling of isolation that led Vilma to eat for comfort or maybe the stress of work that made her weight fluctuate. Having diabetes didn't help either. She didn't fully understand how food was affecting her health and was "comfortable" even though she was unhappy... She was receiving diabetic meals that she disliked. She wanted a change... She needed a change... but didn't know where to begin.

Stephanie understood what her Mom was going through and wanted to help. That’s when she reached out to me.

I started to work with Vilma on a weekly basis. During consultations we covered steady and manageable lifestyle changes, nutritional guidance, grocery shopping, cooking together, and planning meals ahead.

We are now at week 7...

Vilma has been amazing! She is committed to the program and is now enjoying the benefits after such a short period of time. She looks more radiant than ever and has lost over 15 pounds.

She now cooks for herself daily - she makes smoothies, fresh salads with nice protein sides and enjoys her delicious, colorful dishes.

Vilma is changing her story at the age of 59, thanks to her daughter's intervention and her commitment to the program.

She is making miracles happen weekly.

I’m so proud of Vilma and ever so grateful to be part her journey!

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