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Advanced TRS spray attracts, locks and safely removes all types of heavy metals, pesticides, mold, fungus and other toxins from the body. TRS is a nano-zeolite spray that is safe for all ages. Coseva Advanced TRS does not remove any beneficial minerals from the body.

Studies show that over period of 90 days Advanced TRS effectively removes all types of toxic heavy metals. TRS spray safely exits the body trough urine tract without putting a load on your kidneys and other organs. Due to its colloidal structure there is no risk of redistribution of heavy metals

Thanks to its colloidal structure Advanced TRS is able to detox on the cellular level. It travels freely to any place in the body. TRS spray is encased in water clusters and goes without effort beyond the blood brain barrier; a critical place where toxins accumulate. Advanced TRS leaves the body fully within 6-8 hours.

Using a proprietary process Coseva is able to grow the smallest and most pure clinoptilolite molecule in the world. With an average size of 0.9 nanometer, one spray of Advanced TRS has a record surface area of nearly 3500 ft² in the body. One bottle of TRS could be compared to 20 pounds of basic zeolite powder. TRS spray is 100% pure lab-grown clinoptilolite. Not heavy metal contaminated.

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